Brian Kramer. Experienced Prosecutor.  Proven Leader.



Efficiently use Resources

It is important that the State Attorney’s office effectively handles cases to protect citizens and efficiently operates to save tax dollars. As Executive Director for the State Attorney’s Office, Brian Kramer has reduced costs and improved efficiency. As technology and laws change, Brian has the experience needed to guide the State Attorney’s Office into the future.

Advocating for Victims

Victims deserve to have a voice in the justice system - for 20 years Brian Kramer has been that voice. Brian has worked to enforce the law and protect our most vulnerable, even creating Florida’s first State Attorney’s Automated Victim Information Access System so that victims may have access to real-time information.

Keeping Communities Safe

As an Assistant State Attorney, Brian has successfully prosecuted the most high profile cases in our Circuit. Brian Kramer will work with community organizations to reduce crime and with law enforcement to keep dangerous criminals off our streets, protecting our families.

Maintaining Transparency

Providing timely information and protecting victim’s information is a priority for Brian Kramer. As the public records custodian for the State Attorney’s Office, Brian has prioritized transparency and security while dealing with sensitive public records and legal requirements


for State Attorney, 8th Judicial Circuit